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With today’s consumer expectations and high-pressure economy, where everything needs to be instant, semi-tractor (trucks or 18-wheelers) drivers are under pressure to perform, and oftentimes in an attempt to save time and meet quotas, the drivers do not follow rules and regulations. For these big trucking companies (including their drivers and independent operators), time is money, and when a load gets delivered faster, the company (including the drivers) makes more money. Unfortunately, in an effort to maximize profits, many semi-tractor (trucks or 18-wheelers) companies are taking short cuts when it comes to proper training, safety, and following the rules and the regulations.

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A Semi-Truck/Tractor (trucks or 18-wheelers) usually have 3 axles, the front axle (known as the steer axle) having two wheels, and each of the two rear axles (known as a driver) having a pair of double wheels on each side. Most of the semi-tractors (trucks or 18-wheelers) only have 10 wheels. Most states have different variations of rules and regulations governing the maximum size and weight of the trucks; however, since the majority of hauling is done on the interstate highways, the vast majority of trucks and trailers made in the US are built to the specifications of the Department of Transportation (DOT), which governs the use of the interstate system. The DOT has established such vehicle size and weight limits in order to have uniform guidelines: 102 inches wide, 13.5 feet in height, and 80,000 lbs gross weight. DOT limits can be exceeded as individual states have the right to issue temporary oversize and/or overweight permits.

Leading Causes of Truck Accidents

Sadly, a few shortcuts could lead up to an accident and hardship for the victims, for those who are lucky to survive. According to the National Center for Statistics and Analysis, thousands of motorists are killed each year by semi-tractors (trucks or 18-wheeler
By nature, semi-tractors (trucks or 18-wheelers) are massive and hard to maneuver, which can make for dangerous conditions while driving. Semi tractors (trucks or 18-wheelers) accidents in the United States take an enormous toll on many aspects of human life, including financial hardship, physical injuries or death, and emotional devastation.

Some of the most common causes of trucking accidents are:

Unlicensed Drivers
Disobeying safety procedures
Fatigue Caused by Strenuous Schedules
Motor Vehicle Inspection Failure
Repair & Maintenance Failure
Brake Over-heating
Over Loading
Failure to Yield
Driver Fatigue
Truck Rollover
Lack of Attention when Backing
Brake Failure
Tire Failure Trailer
Loads not Secured Properly
Truck Loads not Secured Properly
Failure to Stop For A Train