If You’ve Been Injured in an Accident With an 18-Wheeler, Call Our Truck Accident Attorneys

There are many forms of commercial vehicles you’ll find on all the major roads. On any given day, you’ll see rock haulers, dump trucks, construction vehicles, buses, tankers, moving vans and several other kinds of such vehicles on the road.truck accident attorneys

While these vehicles perform a variety of critical roles, transporting goods throughout Texas and the United States, they can also wreak havoc on fellow motorists when they collide with a car. The larger a vehicle, the more damage it can cause – and some of these commercial vehicles are obviously huge. More on this website

While there is a wide range of commercial vehicles, personal injury and/or wrongful death claims that emanate from accidents involving them share a few similarities:

As stated previously, they are larger, so they cause more damage than a typical passenger car. 
They are subject to different laws than typical cars. 
Many of them are owned by large corporations with the deep pockets necessary to present a formidable defense and deny just restitution to plaintiffs. 
A lot of truck accident lawyers can say they’ll handle your truck accident litigation, but precious few have tangible experience dealing with cases involving 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles. But our truck accident attorneys have litigated these kinds of cases for two decades, and have won hundreds of them.

Our attorneys know how to fight just as hard as the opposition, and we have the resources, reputation, knowledge, and experience to either defeat that opposition outright in a trial or to compel them into offering a just out-of-court settlement. Many times, a trucking company or insurance provider will choose to give our client a fair settlement rather than risk losing a great deal more money by losing a case in court.

The truck accident attorneys of our Law Offices will bring you many advantages should you decide to use us for legal representation. We not only have 20 of experience handling this type of litigation, but we have also won hundreds of them, as well as thousands of personal injury cases in general.

In this article, you will find information on how a commercial vehicle accident typically flows, and some of the hurdles you will have to overcome in successfully pursuing litigation in this kind of case. This information, however, is intended only to provide a general idea of how commercial vehicle accident litigation works. It is in no way intended to replace the advice of an attorney. Only our experienced attorney can listen to all the details of your case and provide a strategy for successful litigation.