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Have You Been Injured in an Accident With a 18-Wheeler Truck?

San Antonio attorney Carabin Shaw III has dedicated his decades of practice to helping truck accident victims in Texas. This makes him one of the most experienced truck accident attorneys, not only in San Antonio, but throughout the state. With his vast experience and a proven record of excellence, Carabin Shaw III and his dedicated legal team are devoted to helping you win your claim and receive the financial compensation you may be entitled from the Big Rig accident. We also believe that you should be well informed about what your truck accident lawsuit might entail and how we plan on specifically helping you.

How Truck Accident Cases Work

The most important thing you must understand about 18-wheeler accident cases is that they are some of the most complex and challenging claims anTruck Accident Lawyer can handle. We face numerous legal challenges and tons of technically based evidence which we must battle in order for you to win. Our 18 Wheeler Accident attorney fully understand the legal complexities of these cases and we also know that a successful outcome is crucial to your well-being. This is why we are so dedicated to helping you because we know that we have a special ability to fight the counter-claims of 18-wheeler truck companies.truck accident attorney san antonio

Trucking companies spend huge amounts of money on teams of attorneys who are specialized in protecting and advancing their interests. They spend all of their time solely trying to defeat claims like yours. These companies have absolutely no interest in making the ethical choice and helping innocent victims like you with your recovery. Although trucking companies companies are required by law to retain a great deal of insurance, these companies will do absolutely everything they can to make sure you receive none of it.

Think about it. When you are involved in a car accident and you must pay through your insurance, your insurance premiums go up. This is also true for trucking companies when they are forced to pay your for damages they have negligently caused. They have absolutely no sympathy that you are no longer able to work following your accident, and they do not care that your loved one was tragically killed due to their negligence. They care about money first and foremost. Consequently, they will use every despicable and deceitful tactic in order to escape payment for your suffering even if it means deflecting the blame elsewhere, including you.

Examples of Trucking Companies Trying to Skirt Their Liability

Our Law Office was hired by a client who was severely hurt when her car was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler truck. Although she had debilitating back injuries caused by the truck driver’s negligence, the trucking company was initially only willing to offer her $900 for her pain and suffering. With the assistance of our Attorney she was awarded more than ten times that amount. Luckily for her, even though she waited to contact us, we were still able to reach a successful outcome. Regrettably, not everyone is so fortunate.

Many trucking companies and insurance companies representing the trucking company do everything within their power to delay your claim by dragging it out until you have no other option but to take their inadequate and insulting offer. Many law firms will refuse to help you at this point because the evidence proving your claim will be destroyed or lost due to the amount of time that has passed. This is why it is so important that you call us immediately after your accident.OurLaw Offices can make sure that your evidence is properly preserved and you ultimately receive a fair and just payment for your injuries.truck accident attorneys

Examples of Trucking Companies Trying to Shift Blame Elsewhere

The best defense, and probably the most frequently used defense, is the argument that another person is responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries, therefore, shifting the blame elsewhere. Trucking companies have no problem blatantly lying in order to deflect blame and often make false claims in an effort to defeat your allegations. For instance, we previously represented the family of a man who was sadly killed when his car was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler truck. The truck driver had driven well over his limited amount of hours in which he was allowed to operate the large vehicle, and he was high on illegal drugs when the accident occurred. The deceased driver was only trying to obey the law and give the right of way to an ambulance entering the freeway. The negligent truck driver failed to slow down and hit the car in front of him killing the driver. In an effort to shift blame the trucking company listed the ambulance as a responsible third party and attempted to argue that the ambulance was the actual cause of the accident. It was completely false, and the trucking company absolutely knew that to be true, but they still tried to use it as a defense in order to not pay the victim’s family. The Snow Law Office sued the trucking company and won.

To Sue or Not to Sue

While we can usually reach a successful and fair agreement outside of court, it is sometimes necessary to take your case to trial in order to make sure that you receive everything you deserve. As mentioned before, these trucking companies have entire teams of lawyers working around the clock dedicated to protecting their interests. They pay hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to these lawyers just so that they do not have to pay you that money. As a result, these lawyers extend the claim and delay your payment for as long as possible. The trucking company has absolutely no motivation to settle because they seem to have a never ending supply of money and have no incentive to settle your claim. They would rather drag it out as long as possible and then may be forced to pay you in court, but this rests solely on your ability to find a qualified attorney to represent you in trial. We have a proven track record of winning big in court against these unethical trucking companies and we will do it again for you.Attorney for truck accident injury cases

Our Experience

We have won hundreds of truck accident cases, including a claim in which a young woman suffered a crushed vertebra when her car was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler truck. A father of two was tragically killed when a disabled 18-wheeler blocked off the entire roadway. A young man lost his life when an commercial vehicle ran a red light. Four people were killed and numerous others injured when an 18-wheeler driver who was under the influence of cocaine crashed into numerous parked cars. And a 22-year-old mother was killed when her vehicle collided with a disabled tanker truck that did not have any warning lights while blocking the highway at night.

What We Hope to Accomplish in Every Truck Accident Case

Our end goals in every case are to make sure that our client is happy, healthy, and can move forward in their life. For you this ultimately means getting you the money you deserve to adequately compensate you for your injuries. We want to make sure that you receive the medical treatment and ongoing healthcare that is necessary for your recovery. We want to make sure that you can pay your bills while the case is still ongoing. And we want to make sure that the negligent defendant reimburses you for any lost wages or lost future income since they are the sole reason why your life has been turned upside down. What we hope to accomplish in your truck accident case is to restore you to a level of health and well-being you enjoyed prior to your unfortunate accident.

Before we can do anything on your case, we need you to call us. We are anxious to get started on helping you with your recovery and are dedicated to performing all necessary research in order to prove your damages. For a free over-the-phone consultation, call San Antonio: (210) 871-0522

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