Large Insurance Policies

Trucking companies are required by federal law to buy insurance policies to protect themselves from accidents involving their rigs that result in injuries and deaths. And these insurance policies are very expensive. For whatever reason, a lot of people think that, since these companies are so rich, they’ll fork over money really easily. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. As we noted previously, the average truck insurance policy is worth 50 times a typical car policy. So it only follows logically that an insurance provider will put at least 50 times more effort – and devote 50 times the resources – into defending a trucking insurance policy.truck accident lawyers san antonio

Hopefully, we’ve gotten across the point that there is a huge amount of money at stake in this kind of case. So the insurance company will send its best adjustors to deal with settlement negotiations. These professionals are highly trained and highly paid; the best of the best in their field. They deal with people like you all the time. They are experts at preying on the confusion and shock victims go through after an accident and will use that to their benefit. Basically, they’re sharks – and if you don’t have experienced legal representation by your side during negotiations, they’ll eat you for lunch. You may view one of these adjusters much in the same way you’d look at your neighborhood insurance agent; a friendly type who really doesn’t apply a lot of pressure. They’ll use that picture you may have in your mind against you. 

At first, they’ll act very nice and cordial; they’ll say they want to help you get compensated for all you’re going through. But first – and this could kill your case if you comply – they’ll say they just want you to answer a few basic questions. If you take nothing else away from this article, remember this – these people don’t want to help you in the least; all they want you to do is increase their company’s bottom line. And the way they do that is by denying claims. They’ll say they only want you to answer a few simple questions, and when you agree, they’ll then unleash a torrent of questions aimed at getting you to admit responsibility for the accident. They’ll basically re-word the same question over and over and over again in an attempt to get you to make a mistake. And they’ll be recording your answers so that when you do slip up, they’ve got you. They’ll use that against you in court and your case will be thrown out. You’ll leave that courtroom with no more than which you entered it. More on this website

Aggressive insurance adjustors will sometimes try and get accident injury victims to forfeit their rights by making an insulting settlement offer. They might be waving what you think is a big check in front of you, but don’t fall for it. It will be a mere pittance compared to what you actually have coming to you in terms of fair compensation. You may not want to go through the uncertainty and headaches associated with a trial, and that check might be a fast way out. But if you accept it, that check won’t come close to covering your medical bills, lost wages, and all the other financial impacts of your accident. Do not accept any kind of monetary settlement from an insurance adjuster unless you have an experienced lawyer by your side. 

In fact, the best rule of thumb is simply to NEVER talk to an insurance adjuster without an attorney present. The less talking you do in regard to your case with anyone on the other side, the better. That goes for your employer as well as the insurance company. Hire an experienced truck accident attorney and let him or her handle the insurance adjuster. That way you can rest easy knowing your rights will be protected.

The insurer will also try to avoid paying you for your injury through the use of a highly skilled team of lawyers that will look for any loopholes they can find, and present all kinds of procedural obstacles in your way. An experienced attorney knows how to deal with the tricks insurance companies like to play. We’ve won cases against every insurer in the United States, so we know what to expect, and how to deal with it.