Truck Accidents

Pursuing Your Claims for Truck Accident Injuries
For dependable legal advice and thoroughly committed representation for truck accident claims, contact a personal injury lawyer at our Law Firm. We offer free consultations and only collect an attorney’s fee if we recover damages on your behalf.

Recovering compensation against a professional trucker or freight company is a whole different ballgame compared to car accident litigation. Because the injuries tend to be more severe, there’s a great deal more at stake for both sides.truck accident attorneys

Additionally, the availability of commercial liability insurance means that the defense won’t have the option of offering the limits on a $50,000 to $75,000 policy to settle a serious injury claim. Instead, the defendants in a commercial vehicle accident case of any kind will have every incentive to present a vigorous defense on damages claims all the way up to the millions. More on this website
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Our law firm’s experience with complex evidence related to liability and damages can help protect the value of your claim for truck accident damages in cases such as:

* Collisions with semi tractor-trailer combinations and other 18-wheeler rigs
* Accidents involving lighter commercial vehicles such as delivery vans, parcel express trucks, airport shuttles or limos, or food delivery cars
* Construction vehicle crash claims
* Maintenance or repair vans
* Accidents caused by defective tires, brakes, safety gear, or other truck components

Developing and presenting the evidence as to both liability and damages in truck accident cases can be highly complicated, and expert consultants and witnesses usually are necessary to identify the causes of your accident and the full range of your injuries. Please find more information on this website here @

Although there might be little question as to the serious nature of an accident victim’s spinal cord or brain injuries, the defense will often dispute your specific needs for future treatment, therapy, or in-home assistance.

Our lawyers’ experience with the proof of disputed facts and the settlement of complex truck accident claims — sometimes in cases involving multiple defendants — can give you a definite advantage toward a favorable outcome in your case.

We advise and represent truck accident victims and their families including people who suffered their injuries while traveling or visiting from other states. For a free consultation about your legal rights and litigation options, contact our Law Firm.