Accidents Happen

Accidents can happen just about anywhere you go. If you are at work, traveling, walking, or using any sort of product you can be injured through no fault of your own. Among the most common types are auto accidents or recreational vehicle accidents, slip and falls, medical mistakes and malpractice, equipment malfunction and products liability, dog bites, and animal attacks just to name a few. What do you do after an accident or injury? accident attorneys
Many people are unsure if they are entitled to legal help, and even if they are, they are unsure how to go about it. Several types of accidents may form a valid personal injury claim. If an accident occurs due to negligence by another party, some compensation could be warranted by means of a personal injury claim. Personal injury claims can be filed against an entity or against an individual who has injured you. Please keep in mind that you must know the individual or agency you wish to pursue a claim against. This is a type of lawsuit in which a plaintiff alleges that the negligence or strict liability of another party directly caused or contributed to their injuries. Personal injury claims are filed on the basis of negligence or liability, which are civil, rather than criminal allegations. Not all claims go to trial. More information @ car accident lawyer San Antonio

Serious Injuries

An injury is serious if it keeps the victim from moving, speaking, or behaving as they were able to before the accident. Serious injuries that are common in personal injury claims are broken bones, burns, choking injuries, neck and back injuries, and traumatic brain injury. This type of damage is common in preventable accidents. Knowing your rights in a personal injury case is critical to the compensation you may receive in your case. Sometimes going through the procedures involved in personal injury claims can add salt to the injury. The process involves a complex legal procedure which can be frustrating. It is a lengthy battle to get compensated or that is why it is recommended to seek legal representation.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies have begun to rely more frequently on the use of surveillance to help them defeat personal injury claims. Until recently, this was more common in the Workmans Compensation area than in the personal injury setting such as injuries from a car or truck accident. The last few years have seen an increase in the aggressiveness of the insurance companies in a general sense, so it should not be a surprise that they are engaging in these kinds of tactics more frequently. personal injury law- accident attorneys

Time Frame
Time must be allowed to determine the full extent and costs of the injuries which are a part of the claim. Quick resolutions do not maximize the client’s recovery. If a lawsuit is needed, your claim may take longer to resolve. Filing a lawsuit does not mean that your case will go to trial. The majority of injury cases that go into litigation are still resolved well before a trial. Do not expect that your case will be resolved quickly just because you have hired an experienced legal representative. While some personal injury claims are resolved swiftly, others can take several months or even years, depending on the circumstances of the case. In most situations, it is not in the client’s best interest to accept a quick settlement.